Start and Finish Line



The start and finish line will be positioned at Draytons Winery. 

30km Course profile and elevation


Elevation Gain (m)

Unsealed undulating gravel road 8km Single Track 8km
Unsealed Fire Trail 10km Technical Single Track 4km

Start Waves

Wave                     Start Time               ITRA Points Expected Position in Field          Expected Finish Time                          No. Of Runners in Start Group
Preferred 8:30AM TBC Top 15% Between 2hrs – 3hr 10min 50
Wave A 8:30AM TBC 16% – 34% Between 3hr 10min – 4hr 30min 150
Wave B 8:35AM TBC 35% – 54% Between 4hr 30min – 6hrs 200
Wave C 8:40AM TBC 55% – 74% Between 6hrs – 7hrs 30min 200
Wave D 8:45AM TBC 75% – 100% Over 7hrs 30min 200
Guideline to estimate suitable 30km Start Group

Wave Guideline Half Marathon Race parkrun Race Time
Preferred Run the course Between 1hr- 1hr 40min Between 14min – 22min
Wave A Run the course Between 1hr 40min – 1hr 52min Between 22min – 24min
Wave B Mostly Run/Jog the course Between 2hr 02min – 2hr 12min Between 24min – 26min
Wave C Mostly Jog/Walk the course Between 2hr 12min – 2hr 25min Between 28min – 33min
Wave D Walk the course Between 2hr 25min – 4hr 10min Between 33min – 50min
Preferred Starts

Runners wanting a preferred start must first register online than fill out the online form located here.


Preferred starts are subject to availability and are allocated on a first in first served basis.


As a guide, please refer to the above table.

All courses are subject to change


Checkpoint Location Cut-off Time Distance
Checkpoint 1 Broken Back Road 10:31, Saturday 7.1KM
Checkpoint 2 Brocken Back Road 14:19, Saturday 22.3KM
Finish Drayton Winery 16:15, Saturday 30KM

Aid Stations




Baggage / Bag Drop




Course Cut Off

Overall cut off time of 9hours 30min

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